Live Room

Live Room

Built in 1991 for conductor Rudolf Werthen, a live room with high ceiling built for controlled resonance, with space for a 40-piece orchestra.
Stocked with gobos, slate stone percussion stages and power conditioner for amplifiers.
Playback system: Genelec 1022B and B&W 801 speakers.



Steinway Grand Piano size C

Fazioli Concert Grand Piano

Samick Cabinet Piano

Ludwig Breakbeat kit
Vintage Fender Twin Reverb (silverface '72)
Blackstar Series One 100 watt head
Marshall 1960AV V30 4x12 cabinet
FAD 2x12 custom cabinet
Ashdown Evo 900 II tube bass head (2x 575 watt)

Console & DAW

Console & DAW

Main Desk: SSL XL Inline Desk with 500 module EQs

Preamps: 8x SSL VHD + Neve 1073 DPD and DPX and API 3124+ preamps

Studer 962 desk provides up to 8 external Studer pre's + channelstrips

Pro Tools 10 running on DAD AX32 converters with Dante connectivity and Aviom system for monitoring



Main: 2 x B&W 802 d3 (Classe Delta amp)

Nearfields: Yamaha NS10M / Genelec 8040

Outboard & DSP

Outboard & DSP

1 x Neve 1073 DPD

1 x Neve 1073 DPX

1 x API 3124+

1 x Crane Song IBIS

1 x Avalon 747

1 x Bricasti M7

1 x TC Electronic D-two

1 x Sherman filterbank

All points accessible on TT/bantam patchbay

Slate Trigger and Slate Drums

1 x Vienna Ensemble Pro library

1 x Spectrasonics Omnisphere

1 x UAD-2 Octo Ultimate 4

1 x Soundtoys 5 bundle

Slate Digital VTM, VBC

McDSP Retro Pack, 6030 ultimate comp

Softube TSAR-1 reverb plugins

Ozone mastering bundle

FabFilter bundle including ProQ 2

NI Komplete 9 and EZdrummer incl Superior Drummer

(incl. Kontakt 5 with a.o. Abbey Road drums, Studio Drummer, Session Strings, ...)

Expanded sample and instrument library



4 x Neumann KM184 (2 x stereoset)

1 x Neumann U87ai

1 x Neumann U47 fet

2 x Neumann TLM170 (1 x stereoset)

1 x Neumann M149

1 x Beyerdynamic M160

1 x Beyerdynamic M201

1 x Beyerdynamic M88

4 x Sennheiser MD421 1 x Sennheiser MD441

2 x Sennheiser e604

2 x Sennheiser MKH20

2 x Sennheiser MKH40

2 x Sennheiser MKE 21

Audix D2 (2), D4, D6 and i5

2 x DPA 4011

2 x DPA 4006 (1 x stereoset)

2 x AEAR84

1 x Royer 121

1 x Electrovoice RE20

2 x AKG C414-XLS

1 x Shertler dyn G

2 x Shoeps CMC6-MK4 (1 x stereoset) 

4 x Schoeps Colette CMC 5u amplifiers with 3xMK4 and 1xMK2 S modules

2 x Bruel & Kjaer 4006

2 x Sanken CU-41

SMS Violin & Cello     

Little Labs Red Eye Reamp DI

Sennheiser Lavaliers

K&M heavy duty mic stands
Rycote USM schockmounts