Recording a Single / Recording an Album

When you record a single, the starting point is usually similar to a demo recording. We set you up in the room, let you play together and try to get the best possible take of the basic song down. Afterwards, we can re-record tracks, layer in extra instruments and record vocals separately. We adjust the room each time with baffles and gobos and go through the microphone selection and our selection of amps and instruments to find the right sounds for your songs. You can listen to your own song and produce yourself, and Jeroen is always available as a critical listener if you need feedback. We recommend taking a few consecutive days at the studio, so you can leave your set-up and come back and start straight away each morning. 
Mixing a single or demo track takes about a day/song. Prices start at around 300 euros for a 10-hour day or 35/hour with engineer and assistant and 26/hour for editing, pitch and timing correction, mixing and mastering.

All prices ex btw/vat taxes.

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Jeroen at his graduation from SAE Los Angeles, at Ocean Studios in Burbank

Jeroen at his graduation from SAE Los Angeles, at Ocean Studios in Burbank

Head Engineer - Jeroen Buts

Jeroen has been working as a live audio and recording engineer for 4 years and recently returned to Belgium after graduating at the top of his class at SAE in Los Angeles. Once back in Belgium, Rudolf Werthen invited Jeroen to restart Blue Tree. Now he is Blue Tree's main engineer in charge of all things rock, blues, indie, pop, folk and any other form of modern western music. He's the guy you'll deal with for everything from demo tapes to full length albums.
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