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Blue Tree Vernieuwd - Jef Neve - artist in Residence - neemt nieuwe album op

Om 2017 prachtig te beginnen is de controlekamer bij Blue Tree helemaal vernieuwd, met een nieuwe mengtafel, speakers, outboard gear en microfoons - kijk zeker even op onze aangepaste gearpagina.

Daarnaast werd Jef Neve onze artist-in-residence, en hij bracht zijn fantastische Fazioli mee, waardoor er nu niet één maar twee topklasse vleugelpiano's beschikbaar zijn. Hij nam onder andere reeds een score voor de verfilming van Sprakeloos op, alsook zijn nieuwe album!

Wat is er aan de hand in Blue Tree?

Trucks met grote kranen, grote houten kisten, overal kabels... er gebeurt hier iets belangrijks! Meer info volgt gauw...

Viktor en Jongeduld Nemen op @ Blue Tree

De jonge band, geleid door zangeres Dilys en pianiste Nina, kwamen hun unieke mix van jazz, pop en rock vastleggen op band vorige week. Hier alvast een foto, de mix van hun single volgt...

Jef Neve and Nicolas Achten with Scherzi Musicali  @ Blue Tree

Recording music for an upcoming film, Jef Neve invited Scherzi Musicali, and ensemble specializing in early baroque instruments and repertoire, to perform "Dido's Lament" by Purcell in an ensemble with diskant, tenor and bass gamba, violone and theorbe. The results were beautiful, but until mixing is complete, this photograph will have to do...

Blue Tree now offers voice over and dialog recording

Blue tree now has a new price package for voice recording and promotional voice editing at an hourly rate - check it out

Also, we have added an hourly price for demo and band recordings, for those of you who don't have/need a whole day.

Jef Neve records brass at Blue Tree

Yesterday famed pianist and composer Jef Neve came to Blue Tree to record brass for his new solo album.
Bart Indevuyst (Horn), Jo Hermans (Trumpet) and Pieter Kindt (Trombone) filled our live room with smooth tones, Jef test drove our Steinway and praised our set-up and acoustics.  Considering Jef's other recording venue for this album is Abbey Road, we took that as a big compliment!
Fortunate, then, that we had all these great mics to pick up such great sounds. Our new AEA R84, amongst others, served beautifully.

Jef conducts...

Jef conducts...

New gear: The AEA R84 ribbon mic and TRP mic pre

Our newest addition to the mic locker - welcome the AEA R84 ribbon mic! This great beasty, based almost entirely on the RCA ribbon mics used by Sinatra (and designed by the guys at AEA who serviced these things the past decades) serves beautifully on cello, trumpet, voice, guitar amps... anything, really? We also got the Ribbon Pre from them, to really benefit from quiet, noise free ribbon mic recordings. Very thrilled to have this one in our mic locker!